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Discover the Top Online Casinos at New Casino and take advantage of their generous bonuses for both new and existing players. While these bonuses may seem enticing, it’s important to read the fine print in their terms and conditions, including any wagering requirements. Some bonuses may be “sticky,” meaning they are tied to your deposit and require meeting certain criteria before you can withdraw your winnings. On the other hand, non-sticky bonuses are separate from your deposit.

In the world of online casinos, understanding the difference between sticky and non-sticky bonuses is crucial. To help you navigate this tricky terrain, we’ve compiled some useful tips and listed the pros and cons of each bonus type. And for your convenience, we’ve also put together a list of the top online casinos with the best non-sticky bonus offers. Say goodbye to confusion over bonus terms and conditions!

What Exactly are Sticky and Non-sticky Bonuses?

While most casino bonuses are considered “sticky”, more and more casinos are now offering non-sticky options as players seek greater flexibility with their funds. But don’t worry, both types have their own unique benefits. Let’s take a closer look at each one!

The Sticky Bonus

As its name suggests, sticky bonuses become attached to your original deposit once they’re received. From there on out, you’re committed until you fulfill all the wagering requirements and other conditions that come with it. Some casinos may even place a cap on how much you can withdraw from your sticky bonus winnings. So make sure to read those terms carefully!

Just remember that casinos don’t explicitly label their bonuses as “sticky” or “non-sticky”. You’ll need to do some digging in the terms and conditions to figure it out for yourself. And keep in mind that most sign-up and deposit bonuses are sticky, with non-sticky offers being the exception.

The Non-sticky Bonus

On the other hand, non-sticky bonuses have no connection to your original deposit until you activate them. And even then, you can opt-out at any time. These types of bonuses are also known as “cashable”, “parachute”, or “lifeline” bonuses. While they may be more flexible and convenient than sticky bonuses, they’re not as common among online casinos. Plus, they tend to be smaller in size.

If you receive a non-sticky bonus, you’re free to withdraw your initial deposit whenever you want. However, keep in mind that there will still be wagering requirements and other conditions attached to the bonus itself. So before you cash out those winnings, make sure you’ve met all the necessary requirements.

Unlocking Non-Sticky Bonuses: A Step-by-Step Guide

Discovering a New Online Casino That Offers Non-Sticky Bonuses

Estimated Time Needed: 00:05

Tools Needed: An Account

Supplies Needed: Your Time and Some Money

Step One

The First Step

Create an Account at a Recommended Casino

Choose a New Online Casino from Our Handpicked List and Sign Up.

Step Two

The Second Step

Carefully Read the Terms and Conditions

Don’t Miss Any Fine Print While Evaluating Tempting Bonus Offers.

Step Three

The Third Step

Activate the Bonus Offer

If You Decide to Claim the Offer, Simply Click on the “Activate/Accept” Button.

Step Four

The Fourth Step

Enjoy Your Bonus and Play Your Favorite Games

Use the Extra Cash to Play and Have Fun, But Remember to Use Up Your Deposit First!

Pros and Cons of Non-sticky Bonuses

Non-sticky bonuses come in especially handy when you run out of funds. However, it does come with some disadvantages. Here’s an overview of what to expect if you are looking to claim a non-sticky bonus on your next visit to an online casino.


The bonus is not attached to your real deposit The bonus is easy to claim Offers you a lifeline when you run out of your real deposit Allows you to withdraw your winnings from your real money anytime (fast cash out)


The wagering requirements are usually on the high side Offered by few casinos Can be used only after exhausting your deposit You lose the bonus after cashing out

Discovering the Best Non-Sticky Bonus Casinos

Finding a casino that offers non-sticky bonuses can be a challenge for several reasons. Firstly, casinos do not typically label their bonuses as “sticky” or “non-sticky”, leaving it up to players to read through the terms and conditions. Additionally, non-sticky bonuses are not as common as sticky ones. To make your search easier, we have compiled a list of the top online casinos with non-sticky bonuses. Here’s how we evaluate them!


Familiarize Yourself with the Terms and Conditions

We always recommend reading through the T&Cs, especially when looking for a non-sticky bonus. In addition to wagering requirements, you can find information on expiration dates, minimum deposits, and more. We carefully review these terms to determine if the bonus is indeed non-sticky.


Sign Up and Claim Your Bonus

To try out a non-sticky bonus, we register at the online casino and opt-in for the bonus. While these bonuses may offer lower amounts compared to sticky ones, they are still a great way to earn extra money for gambling.


Fulfill the Wagering Requirements

To truly determine if a bonus is non-sticky, we must meet the wagering requirements and attempt to withdraw our deposit. If we are able to do so without any restrictions, then it is indeed a non-sticky bonus.


Rate the Casino

In addition to evaluating the bonus offering, we also score the overall user experience, game selection, customer support, and more in our comprehensive casino reviews.

Unbeatable Non-Sticky Bonuses & Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements for non-sticky bonuses can vary greatly between casinos. Typically, you must wait until your initial deposit reaches the bottom before using the bonus. Let’s take a closer look at a common example:

“Join now and claim a 100% match up bonus up to $100 on NetEnt Games (60 x Wagering Requirement)”

This enticing offer often sparks excitement. With a deposit of $100, you will receive an additional $100 as a bonus. However, keep in mind that the 60x wagering requirement only applies to the $100 in bonus funds, not your entire balance of $200. Therefore, you would need to wager $6000 before being able to withdraw any winnings from the bonus.

If you’re lucky, you may stumble upon casinos where real money wagers also count towards meeting the wagering requirements for non-sticky bonuses. These types of bonuses are highly sought after but can be difficult to find.

Benefits of Non-Sticky Casino Bonuses

Non-sticky bonuses offer numerous advantages, especially when compared to sticky bonuses. Some of the key benefits include:

Play as many games as you want with your real balance.

Bonus terms do not apply until you activate the non-sticky bonus.

Perfect for when you’re low on funds.

Enjoy more games without worrying about your balance.

You can withdraw your winnings at any time while still using your cash balance.

Discover the Benefits of Non-Sticky Bonuses

Non-sticky bonuses offer unparalleled flexibility and convenience. As the name suggests, these bonuses do not “stick” to your initial deposit. The bonus cash is entirely separate from your deposit, meaning that you only need to meet the wagering requirements to withdraw the bonus money. This allows you to freely use your initial deposit as you wish.

While non-sticky bonuses may be smaller and less common than traditional sticky bonuses, they are still highly valuable. Take advantage of a good non-sticky offer and enjoy extra cash with no strings attached – it’s the ideal scenario for any player!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a non-sticky bonus?

The first step is to find an online casino that offers a non-sticky bonus. While these are not as common, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to ensure you are signing up for a legitimate non-sticky bonus. Follow the instructions provided and you will be able to claim the offer easily.

Is it possible to withdraw a non-sticky bonus?

Yes, but there are certain rules that must be followed. Just like any other type of bonus, non-sticky bonuses also have terms and conditions attached. Until these conditions are met, you will not be able to withdraw the bonus amount.

When can I start using my non-sticky bonus?

Your non-sticky bonus can be used as soon as your real deposits run out. This type of bonus serves as your safety net when luck is not on your side. However, it can only be used when your real deposit balance reaches zero.

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